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“Waste Free School Project”


At Tapping Primary School we believe it is important to educate students socially, emotionally, academically and environmentally. Research indicates that more than ever we need to educate our children on environmental issues. We believe one of the best ways to do this is to involve students in practical and positive activities such as our worm farms, tree planting and “Adopt a Bushland” projects. We now plan to target a real problem both at our school and in society around the problems with litter.


The “Waste Free School Project” not only teaches students about the importance of waste minimisation but also educates them on the economic, health and sustainability benefits.  We propose to involve the whole school community in this important venture.


“Waste Free School Project”

It is estimated that the average school age child will generate three pieces of litter as part of his/her lunch wrappers every day. This equates to 3 kg of waste per year. For Tapping PS this equates to approximately 30 tonnes of waste a year produced from lunches alone.


Our long term goal is to reduce our overall landfill waste to zero and to ensure that the only waste generated will be food scraps and recyclable waste which can be sent to our worm farms and recycling depot.


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Waste Free School Project