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Visitors to the School Policy

Policy Statement

The principal has primary responsibility for the day-to-day management and control of a school, including all persons on school premises, and is to provide for the safety and welfare of students and staff on school premises.


  • Apart from parents/carers delivering students to school prior to the start of the school day or collecting students at the end of the school day, all visitors are required to report to the front office of the administration block before proceeding to other parts of the school.
  • The principal must confirm that all Department employees, volunteers, visitors and external providers in child-related work have applied for or hold a valid Working with Children Check.
  • Visitors not involved in child-related work (such as contractors) to complete and sign a Confidential Declaration form unless the principal determines that it is not required
  • All visitors except contracted workers (electrician, lawn mowing contractor etc) with easily identifiable badges or clothing logos are expected to sign in and out at the front office on arrival and at departure from the school.
  • Visitors are given badges to wear to show they have authorized business on school grounds unless they are wearing a clear identification badge of their
  • Any person who comes to the school to work with individual or groups of students or participate on excursions is required to have a Working With
    Children Card, Police Clearance or complete a “Confidential Declaration”. Departmental employees will automatically be considered to have one.
  • Dogs are not permitted on the school grounds, even if on leashes, due to health, safety and cultural concerns.
  • Please report to admin anyone who does not comply with these guidelines.
  • The principal may request unauthorized people or people disrupting the good order of the school to leave the school premises.

More information available on the Department’s website: Visitors and Intruders on Public School Premises