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Play is the way

Behaviour Education and Self-Management

Tapping PS is proud to be a lighthouse school for the implementation of the “Play Is The Way” program. This philosophy is the cornerstone of our Behaviour Education and Self Management approach. We see BESM (Behaviour Education and Self Management) as a responsibility of the entire school community.  Students, parents and teachers need to have a clear understanding of what is expected, in regards to how we treat each other, to ensure a welcoming learning environment that is supportive and safe.

“Behaviour education is most effective when built into, not onto curriculum.”

Our belief is that PLAY IS THE WAY™ program is the most effective way to achieve our objective of socially and emotionally competent children.

“Behaviour is shaped by the sum total of regular and frequent lessons that create small but meaningful changes over a long and sustained period of time.”
-Wilson McCaskill (Founder – PLAY IS THE WAY™)

Training students to be in control of their thoughts, feelings and actions allows them to harness their many and varied abilities and skills to pursue the abundant pathways to success in life.

The PLAY IS THE WAY™ program of physically interactive games with its philosophy and supporting language achieves the following outcomes:

  • Develops positive social behaviour.
  • Creates a shared body of experience that is used to build relationships.
  • Highlights the benefits of managing emotions and working together.
  • Develops optimism and the ability to bounce back.
  • Encourages self-motivation and the capacity to persevere.
  • Initiates a process of self-awareness and discovery.
  • Creates a positive tone and safe school culture.
  • Fun, excitement and challenge.