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Guidelines for Homework – Parent

Guiding principle

Every school is to have a documented approach to homework that takes into account the needs of the students and the phase of their development, and reflects the context of the school.

It is expected that any work provided for completion at home will directly relate to the teaching and learning programs appropriate to the needs of students. Preparation of students for the time
commitment of homework anticipated in years to come is not, in itself, a reasonable basis for setting homework.

Current research refutes the position that regular homework will provide long term improvement in student’s learning outcomes. In fact, regular homework may have a detrimental effect student
motivation and can, in some instances, have a negative impact on home life.

At Tapping Primary School, the expectation that students complete tasks at home needs to be met by the following criteria:

  • Is the student self-motivated to complete it?

Suggestions to encourage READING

  • Teachers need to provide opportunities for students to share their personal reading
  • Discuss different books and stories.
  • Read to students everyday
  • Provide time for personal reading in class
  • Allow students to bring in own books form home to share (not take home)
  • Have a class library etc
  • Set personal goals
  • Author of the week
  • Students present to class novel of the week

Suggestions to encourage SPELLING

  • Ensure students know why spelling correctly is important when communicating with others. (Stories, projects etc)
  • Time that can be saved if you don’t have to constantly look/find/change correct spelling
  • Short sharp sessions that you might go back to instead of doing all at once
  • Work with students to develop strategies to most effectively way to learn words. (Bouncing a ball, clapping, writing down etc)

Suggestions to encourage MATHS (times tables)

  • Students set goals and record own progress.
  • Use of songs and rhymes
  • Partner games
  • Using flip cards
  • Poster in a the classroom to refer to


  • Provide opportunity for audience/display
  • Focus on the learning not the assessment of that learning, have some say over the investigation, what they want to find out, provide opportunities to discuss information,
    share what they are learning and range of presentation styles etc.
  • Provide time in class to complete/work together
  • Teach specific time management strategies such as segmentation, timelines, prioritise, plan etc.

Suggestions for PARENTS
Encourage parents to incorporate informal learning such as unpack school bag, set the table, play board games, memory games, go to the public library and local park. Parent
interviews for projects or special days etc.

Homework requests for Vacations

We do not provide homework for students taken out during the school term for vacations. Encourage students to keep a diary and read regularly throughout their holiday.

Homework will be negotiated between the parents, teacher and admin for students who are ill for extended periods of time.

Suggestions for WORK COMPLETION
Ask why students are not completing work in class and explore strategies with them to address the issues.
For example a student is distracting others or being distracted:

  • sit them with a role model
  • give them the opportunity to sit where they believe would best assist them to concentrate
  • identify concept poster as a specific goal
  • rule off work completion with time each day for reflection etc.
  • encourage them to take it home to complete.

Inform the parents of the issue and outline the strategies discussed and their child’s responsibilities and commitments.