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Tapping Primary specialises in the Performing Arts, which includes Music, Dance, Drama and Media.The Performing Arts learning area is equipped with percussion instruments, a range of multimedia resources and many costumes and props.


The School’s Choir has participated in the annual West Coast Festival held at the Joondalup Arena and at Wanneroo Show performing with Chris Murphy from Australian Idol.


Last year, we came 3rd in the National Story- Dance competition known as Wakakirri, where approximately 70 students performed a 7 minute Story- Dance to an assortment of music in front of judges and an audience at the Regal Theatre. In 2008, we made it into the grand final and came 4th, receiving The Best School in Public Award.


This year, all years 4-7 will be taking part in a 5 week Hip Hop program, which will later be showcased to parents at the school’s disco.