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At Tapping Primary School, the adoption of technology to enhance teaching, learning and management is a means to optimising student potential. The ability to locate, analyse, synthesise and communicate appropriate information of good quality is an essential skill in today’s information-rich society. It is therefore important, to develop these skills in our students and staff. Technology is a tool for change, for learning, communication and collaboration. It can be integrated into all learning areas that allows the teacher to act as a facilitator in an environment of cooperative learning.


With our growing student population, Tapping Primary now has one computer lab and a mini- lab for seniors to help support and enhance research skills that students need to be equipped with in our ever changing world. Tapping Primary School has developed a comprehensive and intergrated approach to incorporate ICT within the curriculum, with two teachers focused to work side by side with staff and students in both junior primary and upper primary to ensure a focused approach to develop our ICT programmes.




Currently we have a dynamic ICT programme which includes:

  • Online Teaching and Learning System (OTLS): Introducing students to webmail and learning activities that are completed online as a means to reinforce and further engage students to develop understandings and skills.
  • Interactive Whiteboards: We currently have 9 Interactive Whiteboards dispersed through the junior and senior areas of the school. We beleive the interactive whiteboards are a tool to engage students when exploring a range of concepts in the classroom and linking thinking to the ‘outside world’.
  • Claymation: Students are involved in filming movies as they are required to create, design and develop characters and backdrops to develop their own movie. A user -friendly software specialised to develop claymation movies is introduced to students to ensure an enjoyable experience.
  • Basic Computer Skills: Students are involved in focused sessions to develop their basic computer skills as they learn how to effectively navigate through computer programs and become ‘computer literate’.
  • Extensive Programs: Students are given the opportunity to be exposed to software such as Super Duper Music Looper and Audacity to enhance their final product.