Our Address:

87 St Stephens Crescent
Tapping WA 6065

Contact Us:

Phone: 08 6207 3100
Email: tapping.ps@education.wa.edu.au
School Hours: 8:20am Start, 2:35pm Finish

About Tapping Primary School

Tapping Primary School has a progressive and dynamic approach to teaching and learning. We have a commitment to developing self-motivated learners in
a climate of mutual respect based on strong working relationships with students, parents and members of the wider community.

We have successfully integrated social and emotional learning with academic instruction to ensure all students receive a well-rounded education. We
provide ongoing opportunities for parents to work with us towards this goal by having an effective School Board and strong P&C where parents’ views and opinions are valued and recognised. We also offer a range of school-based workshops where parents can learn more about programs operating at the
school and provide feedback to staff.

Tapping PS is an Independent Public School. This status enables us to select staff that understand the broader mission of educating students to be good
problem solvers and caring, responsible and engaged citizens – to be successful at school and more importantly in life.

Tapping Primary School has become the school of choice based on our ongoing commitment to excellence and our focus on nurturing and stimulating
a child’s natural motivation to learn.

We believe all students can achieve success. Our job is to ensure every student has the opportunity to do so. The most effective way to achieve this is
to develop each student’s social and emotional capabilities. We therefore do not use rewards, praise or punishments to manipulate students. In line with
self-motivation philosophy, we want students to leave Tapping PS as people who do the right thing because it is the right thing to do.